Functional Component

If need simple stateless components, we can create so called functional component. Such component basically just a function, it doesn't manage any state, doesn't have lifecycle methods and it is instanceless (no this context).

To mark component as functional, we need to add functional: true property to its declaration.

Functional component declaration can have only name (required), props (optional) properties and render (required) method. Component methods, state, computed properties, watchers and lifecycle methods are not supported for functional component.

In case of functional component, we don't have component instance (this) so props, children and slots will be passed to render() method arguments:

export default {
  name: 'my-component',
  // make it functional
  functional: true,
  // specify props
  props: {
    propA: Boolean,
    propB: [Number, String],
  // render method receives (props, children, slots) as arguments
  render(props, children, slots) {
    return (
      <div className="my-component" id={}>